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100 years serving the manufacturing industry

The Confederation of manufacturing Industry Chambers is the entity that represents the industrial sectors and economic activities of high importance for the economic development of Mexico. 

Message from the President

Francisco Cervantes Diaz


The Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States has integrated an Agenda of Industrial Integration Against the New Global Environment as a program of work, which represents the instrument for the economic and social development of Mexico through the promotion of the Mexican industry and strengthening the links between the business, government, workers and academic / scientific sectors; that is, the members of the quadruple helix.

 The Industrial Integration Agenda, which is being enriched with the opinion and proposals of the 110 affiliated Chambers and Associations, has three transversal axes to all the actions of CONCAMIN: State of Law and Security, Foreign Trade and Dual Education and Innovation. Likewise, it is structured into five major guidelines with various specific actions, which are:


1. Competitive and Modern Industrial Sector: Promote industrial growth in an inclusive and sustainable manner, increase collaboration with leading companies and countries in industrial innovation, promote digital transformation and the modernization of the industry, move from manufacturing to "mind-building" "And impulse to intellectual property.


2. Sectoral and Regional Industrial Impulse for Development: Develop sustainable quality infrastructure in all regions of the country, promote balanced industrial growth throughout the national territory and the establishment of national strategic planning. 

3. Integration of Productive Chains and Internal Market: Undertake an aggressive infrastructure construction program with public-private participation, boost the public and private budget in Research and Development, increase SMEs' access to financial services and improve their relationship with the academic and technological sectors, as well as generating incentives for demand and increasing the participation of the financial sector for industrial projects.


4. Labor Alliance - Employer for Development: Dual education, training of new talents, living wages via productivity and increase the generation of formal employment via combat informality through a business pact.


5. Sustainability and Global Responsibility: Promote the demand for low carbon products and services, promote the development of alternative energies, innovate technologically to optimize water consumption, optimize the treatment of solid waste and hazardous waste, as well as support the projects of electrical generation of the industrialists and propitiate a reduction in the prices of energy.
We will continue working under the most favorable conditions, integrating to the global value chains with less paperwork, greater technology and legal certainty. Therefore, industrialists have a leading role, we anchor investments, we bet on Mexico and we play for the country.

 The main challenges are NAFTA, a source of uncertainty for the national economy; the digital era and the world of production, increasingly integrated and automated; presidential elections, we will work closely with each of the candidates, we want a better government, we will share our agenda and strategies.

President of Concamin Francisco Cervantes Diaz

President of Concamin Francisco Cervantes Diaz

Letter from our Vice President

Gino Demeneghi


Concamin celebrates 100 years of supporting the Mexican industry and evolves according to the needs of the various sectors, today facing globalization, new markets and agreements such as the USMCA take a step forward to strengthen the Chambers and Industrial Associations of Mexico in the US.

Concamin opens its representation in the United States, breaking boundaries and languages, facing an increasingly global market; Houston, Texas is the headquarters for this representation, where we will seek to strengthen the productive chains of Mexico in the US and meet the needs and proposals of each of the productive sectors represented in Chambers and Associations.

Our goal is to promote the Mexican industry in the new USMCA treaty system, which offers new challenges and redesigns commercial strategies, as well as timely and effectively meet the needs of the Mexican industrial sector in the US, to achieve optimal contact with the industry and with this, improve your supply chain.

Today 100 years later, Concamin reaffirms its leadership and its contribution to the sustained development of the Mexican industry.

Concamin US Vice President Gino Demeneghi

Concamin US Vice President Gino Demeneghi